How James Bitter helps businesses grow and positively impacts people's lives.


Meet our Founder & CEO

James Bitter

My name is James Bitter. I started copywriting 10 years ago for small business owners, while on all-night hospital jobs. I specialize in getting into people’s minds and motivations. Because of that, I can help optimize your website and marketing to speak to your target audience.



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Introducing James Bitter

I’m James Bitter and I’m the Founder and CEO of Lead Maker Media. I’ve spent a lot of time digging through other business owners’ companies and marketing efforts. I’ve gotten really good at building their websites, creating their branding, and figuring out what works best in a number of different industries.

My degree is in comparative linguistics with certificates in communications and sign language interpreting. I spent almost a decade as a professional ASL interpreter and loved how every day I got to be a different person in a different industry. Meanwhile, I learned how to research my clients and their businesses. Therefore, I could accurately portray their voice, tone, and message to their target audience. That was a skill that served me well when I started working as a freelance copywriter.

Often, interpreting consisted of sitting up all night in a hospital in case a Dr. or nurse needed to talk to a deaf patient. Subsequently, I spent hours sitting alone in dimly lit hallways. That situation and not being allowed to fall asleep gave me a lot of free time to start writing. So, I started blogging for small business owners I was friends with. I did that for a year before I was ready to make it my full-time living. At which point, I signed on with a local marketing agency startup. I began at the bottom as a copywriter and over the next several years, I worked my way up from content creator to manager.

I have worked in sales and construction many times throughout my life. My family, while I was growing up, was all about starting new businesses.

My broad experience in multiple industries and my passion for sales and marketing gives Lead maker Media an edge in the industry. We are able to understand marketing from the business owners and their customer’s perspectives.  Therefore helping match them up from the beginning to make more compelling content and advertisements.

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