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Start Having Fun Again is Literally the Best Advertising Tip from 2021

Can you imagine taking a company day-trip into the desert on Side-by-Sides and using the experience as a marketing tool? First of all, it’s a write-off, so definitely consider it, and secondly, the engagement your ads will get will make the whole experience worthwhile. At Lead Maker Media, we were excited to see that after 18 months of viewers policing all content for masks, social distancing, and whether or not actors shake hands in ads, people have finally HAD ENOUGH! 

Because of COVID, we’ve all been spending our lives indoors… with our families… non-stop. Work, school & movies, most aspects of our lives have become uncomfortable and the last thing any of us needs is more reminders of it. That content has become more depressing than relatable. In spite of COVID, we all desperately want to get back to our lives, hobbies, and interests, and when we see someone who is doing what we love we are drawn to them. Drawing customers to your business is LITERALLY what marketing is all about, so now is the perfect time to revive your company culture.

When you place your person or product in a desirable location it sparks interest on a personal level due to the fact we have the need to be where it is free and beautiful.  This desire translates their emotion to get out and be happy with your service or product.  

Our top paid ads for 2021 were like the one attached to this email.  When putting together your marketing plans and strategies for 2022, consider incorporating outdoor elements in the media you are developing. Your customers will love to see it, your team will love to experience it and all of the necessary precautions can be taken to ensure everyone’s safety beforehand, whatever measures your team is comfortable with.

We all have a lot of ground to make up in 2022 and if you need some help getting your video production, website development, or marketing geared up for the new year, remember that Lead Maker Media is here to help.

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