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What is Search Engine Optimization? Here’s an SEO overview to help you understand what you need to do.

If you’re familiar with the phrase Search Engine Optimization but are still a little confused about what it could mean, there is a good reason… it’s very confusing.

Here’s an SEO overview of what you need to know to get started. If you’re not connected with Google My Business, you’re not going to be seeing any results from your SEO efforts. If you’re not actively reaching out to get your business name, address and phone number on other platforms your not going to be able to improve your ranking on search engines. Getting consistent contact information about your website out on other platforms has to be done as part of your Search Engine Optimization.

Fortunately, Google (who basically sets the standard for all search engines) tells us what they are looking for. They want to know what every page on your website is talking about. They have robots that are sophisticated enough that they can read every page on your website and if they don’t see the keywords that you’ve identified, they won’t trust your website. They’re not going to push people to your website. This isn’t just the way that Google works, it’s for all of the various search engines. They all run on the same premise, ‘we will push websites that we trust, to our users. That is how they ensure that people stay on their browsers.

Those are the rules for Search Engine Optimization. You have to tell the search engines what every picture every page and every post is about. With the correct SEO markers in place, your meta-information will be able to tell the search engines a cohesive story. Those markers need to appear in several places on each page in specific places… it takes a lot of work and a lot of time to get it all filled out correctly.

When we take on a new customer, we thoroughly evaluate their website and see what keywords we think would be most effective on each page, based on what the business’s customers are actually searching for. Then we will create short and long variations of those keywords and keyword phrases to apply to specific pages. We will write them into the text and interlink them all, so that the search engines will know what you do and how you do it. The proof will all be there for them to validate that your site actually does what it says.

That’s how we build trust between you and Google so that they will send searchers your way, growing your reputation online.

There is more that goes into the process than we were able to squeeze into this SEO overview and we will post more information in more detail in the future. but if you have questions that we can help you with, give us a call or fill out the form below to go over your options and start building your reputation online.

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