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Does Someone Else Own Your Whole Website?

Years of uploading pictures, articles, and your database of past customers might all belong to someone else.

Your website is your public identity online. It is a hub where all of your channels can link to, where people can get in touch with you and it even has a copy of every form from every customer who has ever reached out to you. Finding out that someone else owns all of it isn’t just shocking it’s a HUGE CYBER SECURITY RISK!

Did you know that it is standard practice for website developers, marketing agencies, SEO companies and most combinations of all three to claim ownership of your assets and even your entire website? They do this to make it uncomfortable or even impossible to ever leave them. Cutting ties could mean losing everything, but we have a program to help you take control again.

We are a website design and marketing firm, but we do not try to steal our customers’ assets or force them into working with us. Call us before you cancel with your current provider so that we can see the scope of work that will need to be replaced. We will have to rewrite every sentence of content that you don’t own and code a new design with new pictures and videos. 

If you ever decide to part ways with Lead Maker Media, we will turn over your logins and passwords and you will retain the rights to every asset we’ve ever delivered to you.

Honesty may not be the industry standard, but it’s the way we do business.

If you are facing this situation with your website, blog, videos or other assets, please contact us today to start the recovery process.

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