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Reprogramming Reality

Your self-concept determines how you observe events. Improving and optimizing your self-concept, improves your reality.

Consider that each of your emotions is a separate entity from yourself, not a feeling that you have, but a feeling that has you, grips you and have to decide what power if any, you are going to give to those feelings. Every event and interaction in your daily life will be filtered through the perspective of whichever emotion has you at that time. Objective reality becomes your reality, moment by moment. Learning how to choose which emotion, if any, should hold your reins is what we will be working on with you. It is not healthy to be controlled by a single emotion, nor is it healthy to suppress or lock away your emotions. We will help you find balance and give each a respected place in your psyche where you can hear their council and choose for yourself how you will respond to each daily event and interaction.

Understanding Your Unconscious Mind

Harness the often slumbering powers of our unconscious mind. Before you can make positive changes to your life, you need to understand yourself. That process starts today!

There is more to you than you realize, get to know your emotions and take control of your life. Understanding yourself is vital to maintaining long-term mental stability. We will help you recognize and identify the various aspects of your personality, motivations and what triggers and satisfies them.
Who are you feeling like today?